Wonder Week Two

This week I began with doing my first daily create. I actually loved these! There is really no parameters. I like this because I get to be creative! My favorite daily create was the robots fourth law. I was able to use bender from Futurama! Futurama is an adult animated comedy show and bender is one of the characters. I was able to take a photo form the internet and add a mustache and gold tooth! I was able to then make two more daily creates!

Then after the daily creates were done I was able to go on to the assignments page and create three different assignments. My favorite activity was the Sports Gif. My boyfriend plays on club soccer and he kept telling me to us Neymar for this week!  So finally I chose this Neymar trick! I think this Gif turned out awesome!

I felt like I was really pushing my creativity this week. I really enjoyed changing my theme for my website and personalized it! I decided to look online for a superhero word press theme. I was able to download it and use it for my theme. I then personalized my website some more by changing blog names. I liked being able to personalize my webpage because it helped me experiment on word press. I was able to add in a plug in to block add comments.

Finally I was able to go on a google doc and contribute to the class design. I was able to come up with a few ideas. I was placed in the audio group. I came up with two ideas, but mostly leaning towards the voice over.

I didn’t really struggle this week with any of the activities. If anything it was just managing my time for the class. I figured out that by doing a little every night I was to not be overwhelmed and actually enjoy creating things. I have really enjoyed this class so far and I am looking forward to the following weeks.

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