Week Three Assignments!


This week I began with activity 4. Doing the activities was more challenging this week then before. I enjoyed doing them, but I had to think quite a bit and not put boundaries on my thinking process. I ended up doing three total assignments. Two were 3 stars and one was 2 stars. My favorite activity was activity 3 though. I loved writing about a superhero and creating it. I had fun with being able to be creative! The background for my superhero was a blast creating! I was able to do the daily creates  through out the week and comment and on a few of the classes things. Also I had two people comment on my things and I was able to respond. I ended the week with doing activity 1 and 2. These were my least favorite activities. I have always enjoyed writing and this week pushed me in my writing style and ability. I was once again pushed with balancing my schedule. But I was eventually able to succeed.


Super Hero Patterns!

The Phenomenal Rider!

Guess who inspires me!

Burst your Bubble

Super Nova: Origins

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  1. Hey Maggie! Totally random question, I was trying to pm you but couldn’t find you on slack lmao. Did your group in comm 341 have to get IRB approval for a survey? I remember one group having to do it, I just can’t remember if it was yours or not lol

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