Visual Assignments!

For this visual assignment that is worth 3 stars I had to make a collage of where I felt at peace. These were very easy for me to pick because I feel at peace in locations and with family. So the collage contains picture of my home town, Monterey California, and pictures with my family and boyfriend. I used an app on my IPad known as Pic.Collage. It was super easy and fun. I just picked my photos. Then I picked a grid form I wanted and it created it for me.

For my next assignment I chose to do Assignment2106 which is where I have to take a picture of a random object and make it look like it could be a super hero. I chose to use my super hero I wrote about last week Super Nova. So I used snapchat and took a photo in the UC then I added an emoji and enlarged it then put a caption. This assignment was worth 4 stars.

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