The Phenomenal Rider!

“Buzz”” Buzz”


“Maggie is that you?” Said a women frantic on the phone.

“Yes. What is it Laura? Why are you calling me at 4 in the morning?” Said Maggie.

“Because I need your help or better I need the Riders help!” Laura said frantically on the phone.

“The Phenomenal Rider is retired. Stop calling me!” yelled Maggie.

” Wait please they have my sister Colleen! She is just a child please you have to help me! You are all I have left to help!” Pleaded Laura.

“Fine I am on the way I will take Lighting!” Breathed Maggie.

Maggie jumps out of bed and beckons her trusty stead Lighting. She then rides at the speed of sound to get to Laura. She sees that Colleen has been taken by her old arch nemesis 21 Questions. Maggie continues to look around and notices Laura in the corner of the building cowering in fear. Maggie hopped into action and moved with Lighting up to 21 Questions and knocked him out. She then quickly grabbed Colleen and Lauren and fled to safety.

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