Reflection Of Week 6.

This week I began with reading the Vignelli canon. This was interesting for me and helped me take pictures for the Design Blitz which was  what I did second. Through out the week I did the daily creates my favorite daily create was making a smiling vegetable. This was just brightened my day when I had to do it. Then I created my own version of iron man for a design assignment. I made a female iron man and chose to use my favorite color purple this was my favorite activity of the week. I genuinely enjoyed making this iron man. Finally I did my 10 stars worth of assignments. Overall I enjoyed the weeks activities. Although I was surprised because I did not think I would enjoy a week devoted to design. But I actually learned quite a bit and how much it could apply to.

Redesign a Super Hero!

Design Blitz!!

Daily Creates!

Read and Reflect!

Week 6 Assignments!

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