Read and Reflect!

For this activity I chose to read The Vignelli Canon  and reflect on it.  I began reading the book and one of the first things he wrote in his introduction caught my eye “It is not the formula that prevents good design from happening but lack of knowledge of the complexity of the Design profession.” (Vegnelli 6). This quote was claiming that the book he wrote was not a bunch a rules but rather a guide which would allow a person who does not know much about design to understand and execute design principles. So I was first like okay that means this is going to be interesting. If not a step by step guide how do you understand design?

The first thing I learned about is Semantics. Semantics is”It means to design something that has a meaning, that is not arbitrary, that has a reason for being, something in which every detail carries the meaning or has a precise purpose aimed at a precise target.” (Vegnelli 10). What I took from this was that you have to think about what you are designing and that you cant just make something with out applying meaning to it. Before I only sometimes apply a meaning to what I am creating. I often just make what I need to make instead of thinking about what I should apply to it.

The second thing we learned about was Syntactic “…they are the overall structure, the grid, the typefaces, the text and headlines, the illustrations, etc. “(Vegnelli 11).  When designing things the layout of everything is very important. But also the additives is also important. Often when designing a poster or what not without the text and illustrations things would make less sense.

The third thing I read about was the Pragmatics. Pragmatics is whether or not people understand your piece. Without having a reality about your piece people won’t be able to grasp what you are trying to do. Therefore, you have to have your audience in mind when creating.

The rest of the book involves a detailed explanation of what to use and how to use things to create and design. Overall I thought this was very helpful and beneficial to read and understand. White space was an interesting concept was interesting and was a little difficult for me understand. But eventually I see how it could be useful for what you are creating.

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