Photos in video?

With in movies there are still shots which can be analyzed as a photograph. It is very interesting to be able to see different aspects of photography but within film. Here are a few examples I could find within film that are also a part of cinematography.

Example 1: Selection which is when the photographer purposely puts something in a shot for the viewer to recognize. I chose to use an example from the movie Batman vs. Superman. The Screen grab I used involves product placement which is purposely placed to get the audience to buy the product. 

Example 2: Contrast was constantly shown in the film Wonder Women (2017). There is large amounts of contrast from the dark dreary background of a war torn battle field and the shiny red and gold Wonder Woman suit.

Example 3: Perspective which I chose to example this buy using a clip from Ant Man. I thought this would be perfect because through out the movie he grows and shrinks constantly. Therefore, in order to show perspective the directors would have purposely put things by him to show his size. In this picture you can see dust and the lining of the floor boards in comparison to him.

Example 4: Depth in film is very common just as it is in Photography. If you want attention to be drawn to something in particular the artist will focus on a the person or object. Therefore, for this example I chose the movie Captain America 2. He is in an elevator and he is clearly in focus at the background of the town behind him is blurred.

These are just a few examples of how photography and film relate. A good reminder is that film is just thousands of small photos put together in a sequence that creates the visual effect of it moving.

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