Photo Blitz!

I started at 10:19 pm. I had 20 mins to complete as many items on this list as possible! I was able to get all but one!

The first being something red. I chose a fire alarm!

The second being doors of some kind. I chose elevator doors.

The third was rage face! So I made a mad face!

The forth was being an object in a photo that is not easily recognized in a photo. Hint Hint its an IPad!

The fifth was an object in a shadow. See if you can spot the phone.

The sixth and finale photo of the photo blitz was to isolate a moving picture.

I finished at 10:39 pm

This activity was a whole lot of fun! I really enjoyed doing this activity! I was able to be in my apartment building and do the activity. It was just like a photo scavenger hunt. It reminded me of what my volleyball team used to do in high school which was photo scavenger hunts. What was unique and fun about this was that we were timed for 20 mins. Therefore, I had to move quickly which added to the excitement of the task. Over all this was a fun excitement.

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