Guess who inspires me!

Many people inspire me. Anyone form my parents to an athlete on tv. But one person who particularly inspires me is my Grandmother. Her name is Elaine Gardner. She graduated for the UMW in the the fifties while it was an all girls school with a major in chemistry. She is the smartest person in my family ¬†even in her elder years now. the reason she inspires me is because she has never allowed anything or anyone to hold her back from anything. If there was an obstacle she worked harder and found a way around it. It never has occurred to her that she can’t do something, but rather that she just needs an alternate route. She recently finished a book she has been working on for the last twenty years. It is the story of my family and how we came to America. I am unbelievably proud of her and honored to call her my grandmother. So yeah inspires might be an understatement.

2 thoughts on “Guess who inspires me!

  1. I also chose this assignment and wrote about my grandmother. Just like you, there are many people that inspire me. Every time I am asked this question it takes me know time to know that the answer is my grandma.

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