Final Project Update!

For the final project I am working with Lilah Beebe. We first tested each other for interest and then set a time to meet through a google doc. From there we discussed what we wanted to do for the project, how we wanted to do it, and when to have it done by. For the project we are doing a few different things not just one. First we are making a Youtube channel in which focuses on female superheros. We will then be creating a video showing our characters defeating a villain known as Global Warming. Now my superhero character was originally a male. But do to me being the actress I chose to change her to a female. In the video we decided to create multiple different types of media not just a video. The Outline for the video is


Video1:intro for Black Dahlia do ourselves 2 mins

Video2:intro for Super Nova do ourselves 2 mins

Video 3: Joining forces of the two heros -1 min

Video4:intro for villain-Global Warming melting the earth -Maggie 2 mins

Pics video?:for problem solved? -audio Both 1 min 

I am also going to create a logo for our channel while Lilah will be creating the actual channel. We will both be creating our videos separately and then meeting Tues to put all the pieces together!



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