Audio Assignments Week 7!

This Assignment is worth 2 stars. It is AudioAssignments2004. I had to create the we will rock you beat from the artist queen in a creative way. I used a paper cup and my breathing to create the beat. 

This assignment is worth 3 and a half stars. It is AudioAssignments1901. I had to do a country accent. I decided to tell a story of me trying to find my car in the parking deck and then converted the video to an mp3 and put it on sound cloud. 

This assignment is worth 3 stars. I had to make a beat using house hold items. I used my backpack and a large book from one of my history classes. This assignment was AudioAssignments1880.

My final assignment was worth 1 and half stars. I had to order in a foreign accent. I once again used my boyfriend to help. He played  the McDonald’s worker and I was the person ordering. I had an English accent and he had an African.

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