Week 5 Audio Compilation.

This week for Audio we had a decent amount of work to do and it was more difficult for me because I had to use a lot of different apps and tools I was not used to. I began with think about audio storytelling. Then I did all my daily creates. Then I moved to making a Radio Bumper. Then I participated in the Tweet- A- Thon. This was my favorite activity out of the week. I was able to combine listening to a story with today media. I thought this was a really cool idea and activity. I then moved on to the radio post ideas for the class and was able to come up with a few which would be fun to do. Next on the list was making an introduction for my super hero Super Nova. I had a lot of fun with this as well and I like that we are able to use our own characters through out these activities. Finally I finished with the week 5 assignments. I struggled with these and hope to be able to improve on my audio use through out the semester.


Think about story telling…

Daily Creates

Radio Bumper


Radio Post Ideas

Super Nova’s Intoduction

Super Nova’s Intoduction

Week 4 Assignments

This week was my favorite week of assignments by far! I had quite a bit of fun taking photos and becoming a better photographer or at least becoming more in tuned with photography in general. Overall I really enjoyed this weeks activities. It was interesting having to analyze my photos and actually think about what I was producing. This is what I produced this week…

Yeah I take some Photos…

Photos in video?

Visual Assignments!

Daily Creates Week 4!

Photo Blitz!

Reflection Post

This week I struggled with many things much more then I ever anticipated! Mostly the creating the sub domain. I had to email the teacher and it stressed me out significantly! But eventually once I slowed down and shocker once I read through the directions I was able to complete it with know problem. The signing up for sound cloud and exc. was very easy and I had previous knowledge  which allowed me to quickly create the introductions I needed. I just did a simple tweet  on twitter, I made a voice mp3 for sound cloud, edited a photo for flicker and finally I  created a superhero themed YouTube video of me and my friends. My favorite activity was the YouTube video I made on Imovie. I had a blast with the superhero theme and can’t wait to gain even better abilities. Over all I am proud of how I did and can’t wait to continue on this journey!