Week 11 Assignments!

This is VideoAssignments2117 it is worth 4 stars. I had to create a video in which my superhero (SuperNova) overcomes a challenge. I was able to use my room mate and my boyfriend to create a video. Erika and I are old friends meeting in a coffee shop when there is an earthquake which turns off the power. Super Nova comes to the rescue. 

This is VideoAssignments2148. I had to create a vlog for a day. This was worth 5 stars. I had to talk about my day. I also added in my boyfriend and and friends. This was a fun one to do. I learned a lot about the importance of camera angles and how to talk to a camera which is awkward. 

This is VideoAssignments157. In this assignment I had to recreate a horror scene. Of course I recreated the Psycho shower scene. This was my favorite video assignment I created. I used my boyfriend and roommate Erika again. I filmed and directed it. It was 3 and a half stars.