Week Eight! Project Reflection!

My group met for the second time tonight at the HCC to bring together our radio show. Three of us got there at 8 and began sending our audio recordings to Lalia. She then began to upload them into audacity. We all had separate parts in which we had to do such as bumpers or commercials and of course our portion of talking for our main concept. After about 15 mins all four of use were there and sent our work to Lalia. Then we all worked together on listening and solidifying the order for the audio to be played. We had already made a tentative schedule and were able to pretty much follow our guide line and copy and paste it into audacity. We then listened to the entire track and uploaded it to sound cloud.

For a more personal view on what I worked on over the project was that I had to create two bumpers one opening and one that led into another members segment. Also I working on my origin story and discussion. I recorded all these as a video and then used an app which changes it into an MP3.  Over all a very unique project. My group was able to work diligently and do what was needed to get our project done in an efficient and timely manner.

We finished the project Thursday evening.