Week Eight! Project Reflection!

My group met for the second time tonight at the HCC to bring together our radio show. Three of us got there at 8 and began sending our audio recordings to Lalia. She then began to upload them into audacity. We all had separate parts in which we had to do such as bumpers or commercials and of course our portion of talking for our main concept. After about 15 mins all four of use were there and sent our work to Lalia. Then we all worked together on listening and solidifying the order for the audio to be played. We had already made a tentative schedule and were able to pretty much follow our guide line and copy and paste it into audacity. We then listened to the entire track and uploaded it to sound cloud.

For a more personal view on what I worked on over the project was that I had to create two bumpers one opening and one that led into another members segment. Also I working on my origin story and discussion. I recorded all these as a video and then used an app which changes it into an MP3.  Over all a very unique project. My group was able to work diligently and do what was needed to get our project done in an efficient and timely manner.

We finished the project Thursday evening.

Radio Post Update!

My group and I were able to meet Wednesday at 7 pm to discuss our project! We were able to come to the decision to do origin stories for all of our superheros we created. Then we would a discuss how our super hero is applicable to today’s society. We were then able to designate what each person is going to do and when our next meeting is going to be. Below is the order of how or radio show will go. We will be meeting again next Thursday to begin putting our parts together.


  • Roles:
    • Bumper entry: Maggie
    • Commercial 1: Laila
    • Commercial 2: Kasey
    • Commpercial 3: Lilah
    • Bumper 1: Maggie
    • Bumper 2: Lilah
    • Bumper (end): Laila
    • Music: Different for the different moods
  • Order:
    • Entry
    • Comercial
    • Kasey
    • Bumper
    • Comercial
    • Maggie
    • Comercial
    • Lilah- Black Dahlia
    • Bumper – lilah
    • Laila
    • Bumper

Radio Show Design Project!

Above is my poster for the radio show my group will be putting on. We have named our radio station KLLM Radio. Our show will be about the origin stories of our characters and then applying them to modern day issues. We have decided to me open the show with the welcome bumper. The transition in to the Laila’s story where she will begin telling her character’s origins story. I was able to create this poster by using an app on my IPad. I was also able to come up with the radio groups name by taking the first letters of our names and putting them together. We will be turning the project in on the 20th that is why it says airing the 20th of October. We are the voice actresses featured on the radio show hence the names.

Reflection Of Week 6.

This week I began with reading the Vignelli canon. This was interesting for me and helped me take pictures for the Design Blitz which was  what I did second. Through out the week I did the daily creates my favorite daily create was making a smiling vegetable. This was just brightened my day when I had to do it. Then I created my own version of iron man for a design assignment. I made a female iron man and chose to use my favorite color purple this was my favorite activity of the week. I genuinely enjoyed making this iron man. Finally I did my 10 stars worth of assignments. Overall I enjoyed the weeks activities. Although I was surprised because I did not think I would enjoy a week devoted to design. But I actually learned quite a bit and how much it could apply to.

Redesign a Super Hero!

Design Blitz!!

Daily Creates!

Read and Reflect!

Week 6 Assignments!

Design Blitz!!

During this Design Blitz I had to get creative. I was struggling with understanding some of the concepts so I googled some images to get a better understanding. My first picture if of Balance I was able to capture it by using a bottle of gum. I liked the idea of using the gum in the image so that’s how i created the balance. The second picture I took was using minimalism & use of space. This was pretty easy I just took a picture of my boyfriend playing Fifa and used just the top of his head with a large negative space from the white wall. My third photo was of leaves changing and this was used to show color. I went to the third floor of Arington Dorms and looked out a window and took the photo. My fourth photo is of Dominance. I took a photo of my keyboard and blurred out the other keys except for G. I think I was most effective on Dominance. I think it would have been better adding color because it would have been more dominate. For Balance I would have liked to have added a forth piece of gum because it would have made the balance improve. For the use of space I struggled with.  I think I could have really improved on using the negative space. For color I felt it was pretty effective. I was able to use the natural changing leaf color to my advantage.

Design Blitz

Design Blitz

Design Blitz

Design Blitz


Week 5 Audio Compilation.

This week for Audio we had a decent amount of work to do and it was more difficult for me because I had to use a lot of different apps and tools I was not used to. I began with think about audio storytelling. Then I did all my daily creates. Then I moved to making a Radio Bumper. Then I participated in the Tweet- A- Thon. This was my favorite activity out of the week. I was able to combine listening to a story with today media. I thought this was a really cool idea and activity. I then moved on to the radio post ideas for the class and was able to come up with a few which would be fun to do. Next on the list was making an introduction for my super hero Super Nova. I had a lot of fun with this as well and I like that we are able to use our own characters through out these activities. Finally I finished with the week 5 assignments. I struggled with these and hope to be able to improve on my audio use through out the semester.


Think about story telling…

Daily Creates

Radio Bumper


Radio Post Ideas

Super Nova’s Intoduction

Super Nova’s Intoduction

Week 4 Assignments

This week was my favorite week of assignments by far! I had quite a bit of fun taking photos and becoming a better photographer or at least becoming more in tuned with photography in general. Overall I really enjoyed this weeks activities. It was interesting having to analyze my photos and actually think about what I was producing. This is what I produced this week…

Yeah I take some Photos…

Photos in video?

Visual Assignments!

Daily Creates Week 4!

Photo Blitz!