Final Project

Lilah and I were able to create a multimedia final project. We first created the Youtube channel Wonder Women. Then I created a logo for it which was a design project. Next Lilah and I used our superheros from this course and created intros. In these videos we used music and voice overs. I also used effects on my videos such as slow motion. Then I created a video using my boyfriend in which he was our challenge. He was the villain Global Warming. Then Lilah and I created a video in which our characters met. Finally, Lilah created the final video in which she chose to do a new story of us defeating Global Warming.

Throughout this class I have struggled and thrived in learning different things. I really enjoyed this class. I was a significant amount of work, but it was a lot of fun. Overall, this final project was a fun way to end the class and year.

Week 12!

This week was a more difficult week for me. The mash ups we different. I had to get creative and push myself on learning certain technology. I had to learn how to really use audacity and find new ways to edit and mash up photos. Overall this week was fun and challenging. I have learned quite a bit from this class this semester. One being that with technology there is always a way to be creative and execute it!


Assignments Week 11!

Daily Creates!



Week 11!

This week we had to work on movies and videos. Though I have never created movies before. Film is a large part of our society and my daily life. i can’t remember the last time I went through a full day with out at least seeing an advertisement for a movie. This week was fun. I really enjoyed the video assignments in which I chose. It mostly challenged my creativity. I never thought of how much things went into creating and editing a film. Overall awesome week. I hope you enjoy my work and videos. I had a blast making them.

Week 11 Assignments!

Daily Creates!



Week 10!

This week we working on a lot of different video assignments. Also we read quite a bit about film and video analysis. I struggled with this week. My working with video was minimal just the occasional Imovie. So reading about it was very interesting. I was able to do 10 star assignments. These assignment where overall the most difficult for me to do and create. I was struggling  finding ideas in which I could actually execute. Overall tough week, but I am excite t push myself and keep going.

Life Hack!

Assignments Week 10!

Reading Movies!


Daily Create Week 9!

The story to these Daily Create is there was a student athlete named Mark who was preparing for a new warm up for his football team. This warm up was a dance warm up and he was very nervous. The only people who knew about the warm up was his mom and best friends. When he woke in the morning he found a note from his mother which was encouraging.

The only reason he was really nervous about doing this warm up was do to how he preformed last year at a basketball game. He was at the foul line and air balled to lose the championship game. He had sense been know for that and it terrified him to mess up in this routine and be know for something else.

Finally it was the night for the warm up and they all began. He did great! His whole team did! They even ending up winning the game!

Web Storytelling!

I chose to use an article from last year. The article I chose to change was the on the Golden State Warriors game verse the Raptors. I am a fan of the Golden State Warriors, but I thought it would be fun to poke some fun at the program. I edited text on the website so at first glance you wouldn’t think the  article was legit. Overall this was really cool and fun!  I first began this activity and went ahead and made an account. Then all I had to do was click and analysis the code. Then I just changed the text in the code. After I was done with this I was able to publish.