Week 11 Assignments!

This is VideoAssignments2117 it is worth 4 stars. I had to create a video in which my superhero (SuperNova) overcomes a challenge. I was able to use my room mate and my boyfriend to create a video. Erika and I are old friends meeting in a coffee shop when there is an earthquake which turns off the power. Super Nova comes to the rescue. 

This is VideoAssignments2148. I had to create a vlog for a day. This was worth 5 stars. I had to talk about my day. I also added in my boyfriend and and friends. This was a fun one to do. I learned a lot about the importance of camera angles and how to talk to a camera which is awkward. 

This is VideoAssignments157. In this assignment I had to recreate a horror scene. Of course I recreated the Psycho shower scene. This was my favorite video assignment I created. I used my boyfriend and roommate Erika again. I filmed and directed it. It was 3 and a half stars. 

Week 10!

This week we working on a lot of different video assignments. Also we read quite a bit about film and video analysis. I struggled with this week. My working with video was minimal just the occasional Imovie. So reading about it was very interesting. I was able to do 10 star assignments. These assignment where overall the most difficult for me to do and create. I was struggling  finding ideas in which I could actually execute. Overall tough week, but I am excite t push myself and keep going.

Life Hack!

Assignments Week 10!

Reading Movies!


Reading Movies!

I used something called bandicam to record the video and then I movie to record the voice over. I honestly struggled with this project. I struggled because I found it hard to focus on things with the clip going by so fast. I watched it multiple times and still was having difficulty focusing on the clip. Overall I’m excited I was able to work and understand bandicam. It is a pretty cool tool and overall I can see myself using it in the future.

Assignments Week 10!

VideoAssignments, VideoAssignments2058

This assignment is worth 3 stars. I had to make a video about my self and what I have done. I used IMovie to create the movie. I was able create a 3 minute movie that was about myself/ family and what I did over the summer.



This assignment was worth 3 stars and I had to create a story through movie clips. I used clips form family guy, Seven, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I used IMovie.


This assignment was worth four stars. I had to create how to do video. I chose to do a how not to juggle a soccer ball. My boyfriend came up with the idea. I can’t do it at all. So I show how not to do it. This was the funnest video to make out of the others.

Week Nine Assignments!

This was WebAssignments, WebAssignments2073. It was 2 and a half stars. I had to go on google quick draw and see if the computer could guess my pictures. For the first three I didn’t know they gave me things to draw so I just drew what I wanted. Then by the third one I was able to figure out what I was doing. I then put in on twitter for the class to see. 

For my last assignment I chose to do WebAssignments, WebAssignments2071. This was to create a fake Instagram account. My roommates and I created a fake Instagram account. LME’J is an acronym for me and my roommates first names. This was three and a half stars. 

Audio Radio Comments!

So I messed up! I had work during the time for both radio shows! But the second night I was able to catch the last show! I also miss read the instructions and though the radio schedule had my radio show starting first at 8:30. Well it didn’t and the radio show I got to analysis was my own! So all I can discuss sadly is my own show! We relied on a heavily music based show. Meaning that we chose to add background music to our stories in order to  enhance the story in which the audience was listening to. Also the KLLM radio show was able to tie everyday situations with in the origins stories. Overall I screwed up, but instead of doing nothing I decided to at least re-listen to my groups and analysis.