Week Nine Assignments!

This was WebAssignments, WebAssignments2073. It was 2 and a half stars. I had to go on google quick draw and see if the computer could guess my pictures. For the first three I didn’t know they gave me things to draw so I just drew what I wanted. Then by the third one I was able to figure out what I was doing. I then put in on twitter for the class to see. 

For my last assignment I chose to do WebAssignments, WebAssignments2071. This was to create a fake Instagram account. My roommates and I created a fake Instagram account. LME’J is an acronym for me and my roommates first names. This was three and a half stars. 

Audio Radio Comments!

So I messed up! I had work during the time for both radio shows! But the second night I was able to catch the last show! I also miss read the instructions and though the radio schedule had my radio show starting first at 8:30. Well it didn’t and the radio show I got to analysis was my own! So all I can discuss sadly is my own show! We relied on a heavily music based show. Meaning that we chose to add background music to our stories in order to  enhance the story in which the audience was listening to. Also the KLLM radio show was able to tie everyday situations with in the origins stories. Overall I screwed up, but instead of doing nothing I decided to at least re-listen to my groups and analysis.

Daily Create Week 9!

The story to these Daily Create is there was a student athlete named Mark who was preparing for a new warm up for his football team. This warm up was a dance warm up and he was very nervous. The only people who knew about the warm up was his mom and best friends. When he woke in the morning he found a note from his mother which was encouraging.

The only reason he was really nervous about doing this warm up was do to how he preformed last year at a basketball game. He was at the foul line and air balled to lose the championship game. He had sense been know for that and it terrified him to mess up in this routine and be know for something else.

Finally it was the night for the warm up and they all began. He did great! His whole team did! They even ending up winning the game!

Web Storytelling!


I chose to use an article from last year. The article I chose to change was the on the Golden State Warriors game verse the Raptors. I am a fan of the Golden State Warriors, but I thought it would be fun to poke some fun at the program. I edited text on the website so at first glance you wouldn’t think the  article was legit. Overall this was really cool and fun!  I first began this activity and went ahead and made an account. Then all I had to do was click and analysis the code. Then I just changed the text in the code. After I was done with this I was able to publish.

Week Eight! Project Reflection!

My group met for the second time tonight at the HCC to bring together our radio show. Three of us got there at 8 and began sending our audio recordings to Lalia. She then began to upload them into audacity. We all had separate parts in which we had to do such as bumpers or commercials and of course our portion of talking for our main concept. After about 15 mins all four of use were there and sent our work to Lalia. Then we all worked together on listening and solidifying the order for the audio to be played. We had already made a tentative schedule and were able to pretty much follow our guide line and copy and paste it into audacity. We then listened to the entire track and uploaded it to sound cloud.

For a more personal view on what I worked on over the project was that I had to create two bumpers one opening and one that led into another members segment. Also I working on my origin story and discussion. I recorded all these as a video and then used an app which changes it into an MP3.  Over all a very unique project. My group was able to work diligently and do what was needed to get our project done in an efficient and timely manner.

We finished the project Thursday evening.