Week 5 Audio Compilation.

This week for Audio we had a decent amount of work to do and it was more difficult for me because I had to use a lot of different apps and tools I was not used to. I began with think about audio storytelling. Then I did all my daily creates. Then I moved to making a Radio Bumper. Then I participated in the Tweet- A- Thon. This was my favorite activity out of the week. I was able to combine listening to a story with today media. I thought this was a really cool idea and activity. I then moved on to the radio post ideas for the class and was able to come up with a few which would be fun to do. Next on the list was making an introduction for my super hero Super Nova. I had a lot of fun with this as well and I like that we are able to use our own characters through out these activities. Finally I finished with the week 5 assignments. I struggled with these and hope to be able to improve on my audio use through out the semester.


Think about story telling…

Daily Creates

Radio Bumper


Radio Post Ideas

Super Nova’s Intoduction

Super Nova’s Intoduction

Week Five Assignments

This Assignment is AudioAssignments, AudioAssignments70. I had to create a story by using five different sounds and no speaking. I chose to get my sounds from freesounds.org. I was able to then put the sounds in a video and use an app to convert the video to audio. The story is about a man who wakes up and knocks his phone off his bed. Then panics because it hit the ground, but is relieved to find it not cracked when he picks it up. This assignment is worth 3 and 1/2 stars. 

This is AudioAssignment2120 and I had to create a convo using Disney Princess songs. I chose songs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Pocahontas. The convo is “I’m Wishing- The Dream that you wish will come true- And for once it might be grand to have some one understand-You’ll learn things you never knew you never knew. Worth 3 stars.

This is my final assignment which is AudioAssignments2074. I made a mixtape of my pregame warm up jams. I made it as a downloadable movie because of fear of copy right. Also I used funny picture of my roommate! This was 4 stars. 

Video (1)



Radio Post Ideas

This is for brainstorming for the radio show. Below are some of my ideas.

1) Why do superheros wear such bold colors in the original comics when they are trying to be stealthy.

2)21 Questions Superhero addition.

For Example: Do you wear a cape? Are you white?

3) Ranking the best to worst marvel movies/DC movies


At the beginning of the tweet athon I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But I tuned in a little early to make sure everything worked. Which obviously it did. Then Professor Bond began speaking and I was excited to apply some of the different audio things we were learning about to what we were listening. The first thing I noticed was that the sound mimicked the style of a comic. Now I know what you are thinking… no duh it’s mimicking a comic book it’s Batman.  But what I mean is all the bad guys have deep, scratchy and scary voices. Also for example the fighting sounds are what you would read in a comic. The layered sounds were great in trying to convince the listener to be transported to Gotham. The BBC was able to add in real noise too which helped the imagination. Some of the sounds added were gun shots, moans, and police sirens. Overall very cool experience.

Think about story telling…

Stories are a great thing on there own, but nothing and I mean nothing beats a story with added sound effects.  Sound drives stories because it helps your imagination create a story. Without sound your mind can only create so much. But with sound it opens up a whole new world of opportunity. Sound changes mood drastically. In movies why do you think they add scary music when something bad is about to happen? It is because sound changes and creates mood.

Week 4 Assignments

This week was my favorite week of assignments by far! I had quite a bit of fun taking photos and becoming a better photographer or at least becoming more in tuned with photography in general. Overall I really enjoyed this weeks activities. It was interesting having to analyze my photos and actually think about what I was producing. This is what I produced this week…

Yeah I take some Photos…

Photos in video?

Visual Assignments!

Daily Creates Week 4!

Photo Blitz!

Photo Blitz!

I started at 10:19 pm. I had 20 mins to complete as many items on this list as possible! I was able to get all but one!

The first being something red. I chose a fire alarm!

The second being doors of some kind. I chose elevator doors.

The third was rage face! So I made a mad face!

The forth was being an object in a photo that is not easily recognized in a photo. Hint Hint its an IPad!

The fifth was an object in a shadow. See if you can spot the phone.

The sixth and finale photo of the photo blitz was to isolate a moving picture.

I finished at 10:39 pm

This activity was a whole lot of fun! I really enjoyed doing this activity! I was able to be in my apartment building and do the activity. It was just like a photo scavenger hunt. It reminded me of what my volleyball team used to do in high school which was photo scavenger hunts. What was unique and fun about this was that we were timed for 20 mins. Therefore, I had to move quickly which added to the excitement of the task. Over all this was a fun excitement.