Week 4 Assignments

This week was my favorite week of assignments by far! I had quite a bit of fun taking photos and becoming a better photographer or at least becoming more in tuned with photography in general. Overall I really enjoyed this weeks activities. It was interesting having to analyze my photos and actually think about what I was producing. This is what I produced this week…

Yeah I take some Photos…

Photos in video?

Visual Assignments!

Daily Creates Week 4!

Photo Blitz!

Photo Blitz!

I started at 10:19 pm. I had 20 mins to complete as many items on this list as possible! I was able to get all but one!

The first being something red. I chose a fire alarm!

The second being doors of some kind. I chose elevator doors.

The third was rage face! So I made a mad face!

The forth was being an object in a photo that is not easily recognized in a photo. Hint Hint its an IPad!

The fifth was an object in a shadow. See if you can spot the phone.

The sixth and finale photo of the photo blitz was to isolate a moving picture.

I finished at 10:39 pm

This activity was a whole lot of fun! I really enjoyed doing this activity! I was able to be in my apartment building and do the activity. It was just like a photo scavenger hunt. It reminded me of what my volleyball team used to do in high school which was photo scavenger hunts. What was unique and fun about this was that we were timed for 20 mins. Therefore, I had to move quickly which added to the excitement of the task. Over all this was a fun excitement.

Visual Assignments!

For this visual assignment that is worth 3 stars I had to make a collage of where I felt at peace. These were very easy for me to pick because I feel at peace in locations and with family. So the collage contains picture of my home town, Monterey California, and pictures with my family and boyfriend. I used an app on my IPad known as Pic.Collage. It was super easy and fun. I just picked my photos. Then I picked a grid form I wanted and it created it for me.

For my next assignment I chose to do Assignment2106 which is where I have to take a picture of a random object and make it look like it could be a super hero. I chose to use my super hero I wrote about last week Super Nova. So I used snapchat and took a photo in the UC then I added an emoji and enlarged it then put a caption. This assignment was worth 4 stars.

Photos in video?

With in movies there are still shots which can be analyzed as a photograph. It is very interesting to be able to see different aspects of photography but within film. Here are a few examples I could find within film that are also a part of cinematography.

Example 1: Selection which is when the photographer purposely puts something in a shot for the viewer to recognize. I chose to use an example from the movie Batman vs. Superman. The Screen grab I used involves product placement which is purposely placed to get the audience to buy the product. 

Example 2: Contrast was constantly shown in the film Wonder Women (2017). There is large amounts of contrast from the dark dreary background of a war torn battle field and the shiny red and gold Wonder Woman suit.

Example 3: Perspective which I chose to example this buy using a clip from Ant Man. I thought this would be perfect because through out the movie he grows and shrinks constantly. Therefore, in order to show perspective the directors would have purposely put things by him to show his size. In this picture you can see dust and the lining of the floor boards in comparison to him.

Example 4: Depth in film is very common just as it is in Photography. If you want attention to be drawn to something in particular the artist will focus on a the person or object. Therefore, for this example I chose the movie Captain America 2. He is in an elevator and he is clearly in focus at the background of the town behind him is blurred.

These are just a few examples of how photography and film relate. A good reminder is that film is just thousands of small photos put together in a sequence that creates the visual effect of it moving.

Yeah I take some Photos…

I would not consider myself a photographer. The only thing that involves me using an actual camera is when I take photos for the Men’s Club Soccer team. Other then that I use my photo via the camera on the photo or snapchat. Although I don’t consider myself a photographer I have a lot of photos on my photo and camera. I would call myself a picture hoarder. Most of the pictures on my photo are of assignments and reminders which once they are passed I forget to delete them. I do not work to capture feelings of meanings in my photos. If I am smiling in one I guess I’m conveying happiness, but I’m definitely not consciously directing that into my photo. In order to enhance my photo graphs I should definitely consider the story behind it. I think I could also really take my time and factor in the location. Also I think I should think about what the viewer will gain from this photo in order to make sure it is what I want to portray.

Week Three Assignments!


This week I began with activity 4. Doing the activities was more challenging this week then before. I enjoyed doing them, but I had to think quite a bit and not put boundaries on my thinking process. I ended up doing three total assignments. Two were 3 stars and one was 2 stars. My favorite activity was activity 3 though. I loved writing about a superhero and creating it. I had fun with being able to be creative! The background for my superhero was a blast creating! I was able to do the daily creates  through out the week and comment and on a few of the classes things. Also I had two people comment on my things and I was able to respond. I ended the week with doing activity 1 and 2. These were my least favorite activities. I have always enjoyed writing and this week pushed me in my writing style and ability. I was once again pushed with balancing my schedule. But I was eventually able to succeed.


Super Hero Patterns!

The Phenomenal Rider!

Guess who inspires me!

Burst your Bubble

Super Nova: Origins


Super stories have a style of there own. They have a similarity unlike other stories. A story I want to analyze is the story of Wonder Women. But specifically from the 2017 movie. In the movie you have the basic super hero plot. Wonder Women is accessed when a man arrives in the amazon endangering the people. So just as Kurt Vonnegut said that most stories begin with one of two ways negative that then rises or positive that then dips. This story starts with the positive to negative back to positive. The negative portion begins when she goes to WW1 to help stop and prevent the war. She has to go through some negative situations which are based against her gender. But ultimately she over comes all the obstetrical and the movie finishes with the up ending.

Super Hero Patterns!

There are many patterns in superhero stories. Starting with their back rounds. Many super hero’s have the trope of being orphans and having a nuclear accident. Also there is always one main super villain. There is also comic relief characters and a leading lady. Some examples of this are Batman who was orphaned at a young age, Peter Parker is orphaned, and finally Superman. For accidents there are Dare Devil, Flash, and Cyborg. A few main super villains are Joker for Batman, Reverse Flash for Flash, and Lex Luther for Superman. Also there are relief characters Jimmy Olson from Superman and Robin from Batman. Finally there are the leading ladies. These leading ladies start with Cat Women and Bat Girl from Batman, Lois Lane from Superman, and Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy from Spiderman. With all these tropes there can be a feeling of what is understood as a super hero. To me a superhero just has involve the desire to help others and the action to back it. Therefore, yes to me these are all superheros,but also everyday people can be superheros as well.

The Phenomenal Rider!

“Buzz”” Buzz”


“Maggie is that you?” Said a women frantic on the phone.

“Yes. What is it Laura? Why are you calling me at 4 in the morning?” Said Maggie.

“Because I need your help or better I need the Riders help!” Laura said frantically on the phone.

“The Phenomenal Rider is retired. Stop calling me!” yelled Maggie.

” Wait please they have my sister Colleen! She is just a child please you have to help me! You are all I have left to help!” Pleaded Laura.

“Fine I am on the way I will take Lighting!” Breathed Maggie.

Maggie jumps out of bed and beckons her trusty stead Lighting. She then rides at the speed of sound to get to Laura. She sees that Colleen has been taken by her old arch nemesis 21 Questions. Maggie continues to look around and notices Laura in the corner of the building cowering in fear. Maggie hopped into action and moved with Lighting up to 21 Questions and knocked him out. She then quickly grabbed Colleen and Lauren and fled to safety.